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China Office:


Rugao Office (Head Office)
+ 86-513- 8754 2677


Local Office:


Kawasan Berikat Nusantara, JL. Madiun Blok C.2 No.11-13, Unit Usaha Kawasan Marunda, Jakarta Utara, 14120, Indonesia
+62-21- 44853559 44852388



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Company Profile

PT. Dua Kuda Indonesia, located in the Bonded Area of Jakarta, was founded in 2006 under the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, with the total investment of $27.8 million and an area of 10 hectares. By the end of 2007, the company launched the pilot production and all the hydrogenated palm oil products meet the international standards. The current annual output of Stearic Acid and Hydrogenated Oil is 350,000 tons. And the third round project and the fourth round project of our company will be finished in the end of 2015. The annual output will reach 700,000 tons by then. We have customers all over the world.