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Product name

Stearic Acid

SA-BeadedTYPEWrappedfilmpouchplaycare      ContainerplaycarewrappingfilmPlaycarewrappingfilmpackingPictureDescriptionParameter Innormaltemperature,stearicacidiswhiteoryellowishflaky,bead-likeorlumpyso
Affiliate classification
Product description



Wrapped film pouch play care


Container play care wrapping film

Play care wrapping film packing




  In normal temperature, stearic acid is white or yellowish flaky, bead-like or lumpy solid. It is made up of C16 & C18 saturated fatty acid.
  The stearic acid is widely used as the heat-stable medicinal preparation, the lubricant, the remover, the plasticizer in the plastics industry; the curing active ingredient, the softener, the dispersing agent in the rubber industry; raw materials of lever wax, tea wax, cup wax and craft candle; the softening cream, cold cream in the cosmetics greasy raw materials, and also serves as the emulsifier, the super fatting agent, the softening agent, the polish and so on; the emulsifier, the dispersing agent, the quality modifier in food profession; AKD, the softening agent in the paper industry; wax pencil’s raw material in the culture and education tools, pencil’s lead and the solid glue water thickener; assistant agent in the medicine, the surface active agent and antibiotics and so on; raw material of solidified alcohol in the fuel industry and the soap base in the lubricant industry and so on.



Stearic Acid


Packaging:25KG/bag or 600KG/jumbo bag, plastic woven bag.

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