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GlycerinbarrelPicture     GlycerinGanbarrelwrappedfilmloadingTYPEDescriptionParameter Glycerinisacolorless,transparent,thickliquidwithasweet,andalsowithhygroscopic,flammable,lowtoxicity.Glycerin,witht
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Product description





Gan barrel wrapped film loading

Glycerin barrel



  Glycerin is a colorless, transparent, thick liquid with a sweet, and also with hygroscopic, flammable, low toxicity. Glycerin, with the ointment or suppository, can be used as pharmaceutical preparation, solvent, moisture adsorbent, and antifreeze and sweetener in medicine; it can be used as alkyd resin, polyester resin, and epoxy resin in coating industry; it can be used as moisture adsorbent, anti-shrinkage agent, dispersant in textile and dyeing and printing industry; it can be used as sweetener, moisture adsorbent of tobacco, and solvent in food industry. Nitroglycerin, obtained with glycerin, can be used as explosives materials. Moreover, it can be used in papermaking, cosmetic, leather, printing, photo and metal processing.





Packaging: 20MT/flexi bag or 250KG/plastic drum (or metal drum).

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